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Battery charger kaputt 5. September 2017

Posted by Martin Frech in Ärgernisse, Technik.
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Wise man always tell you to have a backup camera. Although my main camera has never failed me, I usually carry a second one; just in case. But have you ever heard of a charger fault?

A few days ago, in preparing for a video job, I started to recharge my camera batteries. Just then, the charger gave up the ghost. What a bummer. I had no spare device, but fortunately enough charged batteries to complete the job.

Now, I also own a backup battery charger.

Nikon MH-25a; Foto (c) Martin Frech
Nikon MH-25a (Foto © Martin Frech)


(Ich weiß, die Werbung nervt. Und ich kann nicht einmal entscheiden, was hier gezeigt wird.)